Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December the Swift

I found a poemish sort of thing I wrote a few years ago when I was down in LA pining for the soggy Northwest. With the downpour we had today though, I must have been hallucinating from a Vitamin D overload to have ever truly yearned for weather like this. Anyway the poem~

Emerald City

Lavender clouds dot the sky....and it begins to rain.

I have waited months for this~the annual baptism into my city.
my heartache,
my home.
How I have missed your towering fortresses, your skyline, your scent.

I abandoned you....too early...even before I had to....
yet each time I accept me~without question~without judgement.

And I think, intuitively, you know, in your emerald wisdom, that a part of me will always stay~
scattered somewhere between Brooklyn Ave and Ballard.

For you were my first love, my growing pains and who could forget the memory of that?