Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January the Balmy??

It seems that the Washington rain spirits have answered all our soggy Seattlite pleas...for once it's pouring rain in LA and it's a nice springlike day here. HaHa Vengence!!! It's a small consolation for having to leave my beloved life of urbanity behind but it does make me feel a tiny bit better=)

Monday, January 18, 2010

January the Bleak

The melancholy of Maltby has set in. At least in LA, I had the illusion that I was doing something memorable with my life.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

January Bright N' sHinY

I've decided that 2010 is the year to get things done. So that is why, at this ripe and stormy hour, I have drank a cup of left over coffee to keep me awake long enough to eek out something worth writing about. However, it doesn't seem to be that forthcoming. Hmmmm?? How about a classic list of New Year's resolutions?? It can't seem to hurt...not today anyway. A year from now, it could possibly make me cringe with guilt and feelings of slothliness, but right now, a resolution list sounds positive and even a bit optimistic. So here goes....

In 2010 I want to:

Get MaRRieD! Yep yep yep....Edgar and I are gettin' hitched SoMetime this year....Either when my family can settle down and quit arguing over when and where it's gonna happen or more plausibly, when Edgar and I finally come to our senses and just elope.

Wallpaper my hallway....yes the other hallway...the one we didn't wallpaper a few weeks joy

Get some sort of ReliaBle & RuNNing this point I really don't care if it's a military tank as long as it starts up in the morning.

Write more letters....

Be a better friend...really do need to work on this...if you call me and it takes me a 1000 plus years to call you back please, please don't take it personal...I'm just really not a phone person and I guess I'm a little flaky too but that doesn't mean I don't miss you=)

Visit someplace, really anyplace outside of this soggy state...

Go to NY, LA or San fran....any of them will do...I just need to breathe in one of them before I shrivel up from lack of urban dear SeAttle is just a little bit too squeeky clean to do the trick.

I could think of a hundred other things I should do this year but the buzz the stale coffee awarded me has worn off and now I'm sleepy and if I hope to accomplish even one of my resolutions, I need my beauty sleep. So CheeRs~