Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Marinara Stinks

Otherwise titled..."Things I've learned workin' in a dumpy pizza place~
-Pizza sounds isn't.
-Never, ever use the Parmesan cheese shakers...cheese in a warm room all day...I think that's reason enough.
-Out of control, hyped up toddlers aren't cute...especially when they've just spilt an entire pitcher of rootbeer all over the floor.
-When you order a veggie pizza for delivery & then complain that it's "soggy"-your a's hot, steamy vegetables trapped in a cardboard box...of course it's soggy!!
-Anchovies on a pizza??? That's just nasty
-Speaking of nasty...when little timmy loses his first tooth, don't leave it balled up on the table in a bloody napkin...
-When you show up on a friday night to celebrate your little league victory with 15 plus people, don't act shocked that we can't immediately seat you.
-And Marinara stinks